Yuk Yuk’s On Tour with Ben Cannon & Lori Ferguson-Ford


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comedy-jan-14Yuk Yuk’s On Tour stand up comedy series at the Horsethief Creek Pub in Radium.  We are excited to have two more great acts make their debut in Radium this January 14th, Ben Cannon and Lori Ferguson-Ford.

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Watch for more stand up comedy at the Horsethief returning in February and March.

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Lori has been a professional stand-up comedian for over 16 years, she began her love for comedy in 1988.  a bit of a fairytale beginning… while working as a waitress one of her “regulars” offered to sponsor her dream of doing stand-up comedy as a career.  Soon after that Lori was voted “B.C.’s Funniest Comic” and then four years later “B.C.’s Funniest Women”.  Lori has toured all over Canada and The United States entertaining audiences with her down to earth approach which makes her a club favorite. Lori has also appeared on the CBC, WTN, and The Comedy Network in addition to “Madly Off In All Directions”

Ben is a recent graduate of the University of Calgary where he was the president of the comedy club. Since that title has been stripped away he has set his sights on rising the ranks of even larger comedy communities that aren’t just him and three other guys. He is the 2014 Joke of Thrones champion and 2015 runner up in the Yuk Yuk’s Calgary amateur competition.  

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