Murder Mystery: Steampunk


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This event finished on 03 March 2020

Murder Mystery

This is our second original murder mystery at the Horsethief Pub in Radium Hot Springs. We host a casual, interactive, dinner-theatre style murder mystery night. Our cast of actors has been rehearsing and is excited to have you see the show!

Book your tickets early as seating is limited and must be purchased in advance. We restrict the number of people that can attend in order to provide an interactive experience for the show.

A three course themed meal is included in the ticket price for the show. The bar will be open for drinks. Gratuity not included. Free shuttle service is available by calling 250-347-6400.

Welcome to Jellybean’s Junkyard Cafe

JELLYBEAN’S JUNKYARD CAFE sits dead centre in Junkyard #9; one of thirty junkyards surrounding Junction Springs. Everyone who visits the seedy junkyards in the outpost of Junction Springs is hunting for something. If they are hunting for something dangerous or illegal, they go to Jellybean’s junkyard first. If they are hunting for a good piece of pie, they go to the Junkyard Cafe. If they are hunting for trouble they don’t have to go anywhere. Trouble will find them in Junction Springs.

Tonight, at Jellybean’s Cafe, is the 10th Annual BATTLE OF THE HANDS; a high stakes battle tournament put on by THE EVIL SPROCKET CORPORATION. Participants, willing and unwilling, come from far and wide to face off against each other, in three rounds of battle until someone wins. That person gets a lucrative, mandatory, one-year contract … and then they vanish. No one wants to win … but third place is pretty good.

Members of the Resistance are also lurking around Junkyard #9. They are launching a Rebellion to take over SPROCKET HQ and overthrow the Evil Corporation. The Rebellion begins tonight.

You’ll be getting to know these people:

Slack Offspring, middle manager for The Sprocket Corporation, is in charge of the BATTLE OF THE HANDS. He makes sure that the contestants are spring loaded and liquored up so that the battle brings out the best … and the worst … in them.

Gears Gyro, last year’s winner, will be paraded out to quiet the rumours of the vanishing inventors. He has fulfilled his contract and is going to reveal his blueprint for: THE FLASHBACK JETPACK … a Personal Propulsion Device with invisibility cloak and adjustable cup holder; Time Travel Option Available. Gears doesn’t want his brain is wiped at the end of the evening so he is hunting for an escape.

Skitter Stick, Insect Expert and collector of Fire Tick venom, supplies an ingredient needed by SPROCKET CORP for their invisibility formula. He has just been given a new sales contract that says he can only sell to SPROCKET. He’s hunting for a way out of the agreement.

Arial Avro, airship pilot, fell from the sky earlier this afternoon and has been scouring the toxic waste pile searching for a functioning fuel connector. She is desperately hunting for freedom.

Crystal Bunsen, Mad Scientist for SPROCKET is assisting Slack in running the BATTLE OF THE HANDS.She hates her job and is hunting for an exit plan.

As well as operating the Junkyard and Cafe, Jellybean, a self made man, has been re-inventing himself, and various nefarious device . Jellybean is hunting for his past.

Mystery Factory

This murder mystery story has been custom written by Columbia Valley local Juanita Rose Violini through her company The Mystery Factory.

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