Live Music Monday: Dark Fire Cloud & the Lightening


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Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, on the 3rd of September, 1948. The 3rd child and 3rd son, he was named Theddeus Clarmar Prejean. Cloud’s father, Joseph, was a tall Afro-French mulatto, his mother, Inez, an average sized, darker French-Creole.
As a toddler, the different jumping radio songs were welcomed in his early home. Cloud became intrigued by the repetitive syncopation of the blues. Even before 5 years old, while looking through grandma’s screen door, Cloud saw something that “called to him”. It was a wild Negro, Evan, driving a Vespa scooter down 12th street, the black strip. Evan was driving with his feet while sitting back playing blues harmonica with both hands, cupping the harmonica for tones. It was awesome to see and rang in Cloud’s bones of things to come.
When 6 years old, while his parents finished dinner, Cloud would play “air guitar”. His dad gave him a glance and the next day Cloud had his own acoustic guitar… Cloud soon had an electric guitar (Fender 1957 Duo Sonic 3/4 neck) and gigs.
Just before his 13th birthday, Cloud left Louisiana to study in Mississippi at the Divine Word Missionary seminary in Bay St. Louis. Musically, it was fantastic… music theory, 5 part harmonies, Gregorian chants with the largest organ pipes in the south on the Hammond organ in the chapel. After 5 years of monastic training, Cloud left the seminary and Catholic Church. He left hitch-hiking with guitar.
Cloud hitch-hiked extensively. He also had a road companion along with the guitar, a Louisiana pit-pull puppy, growing up on the road. From Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia, Canada, through Mexico to Belize, Jamaica, Bahamas, Europe. The turning point came on Vancouver Island, BC, near Ucluelet and Tofino in 1972. Cloud found Jesus as his master and was re-born D.F.C. – Dark Fire Cloud. His music became spiritually focused.
45 RPM: “Children of God”, flip side “Coast to Coast with the Holy Ghost”CD: “‘All Nation Proclamation”Thru the years, Cloud developed a style called Zydeco Reggae, simultaneous guitar and harmonica (Hohner Echo harps for the accordion–like flavor). The sound is contagious.



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