Giving Back: 50% of food sales to those displaced by Radium Fire


Event Details

On Friday November 23 the fire at the Woodcarver’s in Radium left 8 of Rolf’s neighbours temporarily displaced. Many had only the clothes on their backs, and have lost almost all their personal belongings to smoke and water.

The road to recovery will take time, and our community will need to find ways to support our neighbours in their time of need. As we plan for longer term solutions, we want to get something to help them right away.

On Tuesday November 27 for the entire day at the Horsethief Creek Pub we will be donating 50% of food sales to help Duane & Kandie, their daughter Abby, Josh, Lacey, Mike, Andrew, and Nicole who have all been unable to stay in their homes since the fire.

Funds raised will be used for the following:
– Covering lodging needs after emergency shelter funding expires on Nov 26
– Helping with necessities until they can return to their homes
– Replacing uninsured personal property damaged by smoke, water, heat, and other fire-related problems.
– If by chance extra funds are raised, they will be donated to long-term recovery and support efforts for recovery from the fire.

We have asked everyone involved to create a list of their immediate and longer-term needs and as those lists come in we will post them here to give everyone a sense of what we can do to help.

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