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This event finished on 21 January 2020

What’s Your Story?

This page is about a WORKSHOP for potential STORYTELLERS. If you’re looking to attend the “What’s Your Story?” night as a member of the AUDIENCE, please visit

Find YOUR Story!

Do you have a story you are just aching to share? The Horsethief Pub is providing a time and space where we can share our stories and learn about each other in the finest of oral traditions…storytelling.

We all have a story to share. We are looking for a group of storytellers who are excited to share their stories with their neighbors, friends and family. Whether you are a first-time storyteller or a seasoned pro,

Maria Kliavkoffeveryone is welcome. Every “What’s Your Story?” evening will have a topic and all stories will fall within the topic category. The theme for our second event is Chapter 2: Stories of the Heart. We are looking for personal stories that fit the theme that you’re willing to share at the main event on January 28th.

Anyone interested in participating in the evening need to register for the workshop January 21, 6-9 p.m.. The workshop is open to anyone interested in learning the keys to effective storytelling. You come with your story idea and we will work together to turn the idea into a 5-minute story that will captivate the audience. Working with local workshop leader and former Off-Broadway Theatre Director, Maria Kliavkoff, we will learn the key elements of effective storytelling and how to deliver the key elements of your story in a succinct and impactful way.

On January 28th we take our stories to the stage and share our stories with our community. Our stories are restricted to 5 minutes. Maria will lead the way so that all storytellers are welcomed onto the Horsethief Creek Pub Stage in a gentle and inviting way. Please join us for this very special evening and share your story with the Valley.

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