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Phase 2 of the Horsethief Pub renovations are underway!

  • New Bar
  • New Lighting
  • Pool Room Upgrades

We re-open for the evening of Friday May 4, and renovations will be fully completed the following week.

Try out some of the other great places in town! Click Here for Tourism Radium’s listing of restaurants in town, or see some places within walking distance:

On Main Street West (across the highway)

Back Country Jack’s

Helna’s Stube

Wildside Pizzeria

Big Horn Cafe

Family Restaurant on Main Street West beside Gas Plus

La Cabina located in the Best Western Hotel

Carringtons Olde-English Lounge located in the Best Western Hotel

On Main Street East (our side of the highway)

Mountsinside Market Deli

Rockies Pizza on Main Street East past the church and Screamer’s

Thanks to our partners at The Crossroads Collective who are coordinating the design and execution of the pub’s renovation.

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