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Horsethief Creek Pub

Pub & Restaurant in Radium, BC

Here at the Horsethief Pub and Eatery, we pride ourselves on being the best restaurant in Radium, and maybe even in the Columbia Valley. With our extensive menu we are sure to provide something for everyone. We use only the freshest ingredients in all of our food, from our homemade half pound burgers to our roasts and turkeys cooked in our own ovens, you are sure to be satisfied. Come visit our Restaurant in Radium Hot Springs, BC!

Daily Specials

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There’s always something happening at the Horsethief Pub – from Weekly Events, Live Music every Monday, to our great Daily Specials. Come and see why we’re the #1 place to be in Radium Hot Springs, BC!

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The Legend


Somewhere around the turn of the century, a “crusty” old HORSETHIEF, a bit down on his luck, stole three horses from Banff. A Mare, a Stallion and a Colt. While making his getaway he came through Sinclair Canyon and was heading south. A winter blizzard came up, and this fellow knew of a good hideout on a sandbar on a nearby river, just west of Radium Hot Springs. As he got to the creek he saw patches of ice and knew he would have to walk the horses across to the safety of the sandbar. He managed to get the Mare and Stallion to step into the frigid waters, but no matter how hard he tried, the Colt would not budge. This fellow was now quite cold from the water and the blizzard and decided there was only one option left. He scooped the Colt onto his shoulders and staggered into the icy creek. As he reached the middle of the creek, the current knocked him off balance and he was swept away in the icy water and drowned. Thus the Name HORSETHIEF CREEK, and the legend we’ve named our restaurant after!

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Horsethief Creek Pub & Eatery

A Restaurant in Radium, BC
7538 Main Street East
Radium Hot Springs, BC
Phone: (250) 347-6400
Fax: (250) 347-9987
Email: horsethiefpub@telus.net

Indoor dining, outdoor dining, & take out are permitted again. Mask requirements & table size restrictions of 6 or less are still in effect. 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily